Monday, March 12, 2012

New Definitives - Pond Life from SingPost

We have had sea creatures, birds etc as our stamp definitives, and now it is the turn of our pond plants! This time round the Yellow Burhead and Water Lettuce will be the 1st and 2nd Local of the series.
The definitives form part of the green environment theme (see news about it), and personally I think it is a fun way of telling our kids about these pond plants, which I bet they don't see that often anymore in our concrete jungle. No I don't think they are endangered in any ways. Water lettuce a.k.a Pistia is actually quite common around the world (see wiki). In fact these 2 pond plants are viewed by some as troublesome invasive species (see pdf)!

Yes the definitives stamps of Yellow Burhead and Water Lettuce are released by SingPost today - 12 March 2012, and it's a pity I haven't got a chance to grab hold of them yet.

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