Wednesday, June 22, 2011

SingPost Registered Article Delivery - Not At Home

What happens when there is a delivery of registered article to your place and there is no one at home? Well, SingPost will still have options for you to receive the article. 

SingPost will leave a note (see the picture below) informing the recipient that there was an unsuccessful delivery.

Within the notice, SingPost will leave three options for the recipient:

a) Go to the stated Post Office and collect the article at the next working day; or
b) Request to collect the article at another Post Office (2 days upon receipt of this request); or
c) Request for another delivery to the original stated address (i.e. to your house) at 1 working day after the request

Give a call to SingPost (1605) if you wish to activate option b or c.

The notice has 'evolved' over the years. It used to be just a tiny slip of paper requesting the recipient to go down to a particular Post Office. Guess postal services have evolved for the better over time.

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