Tuesday, June 14, 2011

2005 Most Beautiful Stamp - Greta Garbo of Sweden

We have often heard of the world's first stamp (Penny Black), the most expensive stamp (Treskilling Yellow) etc etc. Recently I came across another 'most', and in this case it is the 'Most Beautiful' stamp - Sweden's Greta Garbo (2005).

Apparently there was a vote (not sure by whom, perhaps the UPU?) and this stamp of Greta Garbo was deemed as most beautiful via a combination of a beautiful woman, fantastic portrait photo, well made engraving and a recces print of the highest quality.

Accompanying this 'Most Beautiful' stamp in this little booklet are other stamps and to me, they are just as beautiful. I think stamps are generally 'beautiful' when they tell a story, regardless of whether it is of a beautiful woman or not. Nonetheless, the Most Beautiful stamp - Sweden Greta Garbo (2005) is quite well made.

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