Thursday, April 7, 2011

Stamps 'Error' - Royal Wedding Stamps from NZ

There are stamps errors, which are often overlooked at either the design stage (e.g. wrong facts) or the printing stage (e.g. missing colours). Most recently there is a stamp 'error' that is due to a lack of thought at the design stage, and that is the New Zealand Post's commemorative Royal Wedding stamp.

The 'error' is that the stamp perforation for this se-tenant pair is right in the middle, which split the royal couple into individuals, individual stamps that is. If it is done by the Brits, I'm sure they would have been a lot more careful.

I'm sure the couple is not happy with such a design, but oh well, who cares. I'm sure the stamp collectors will be keeping this issue, especially in light of such an 'error' story behind the design.

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