Sunday, March 13, 2011

Stamps from Tokyo - PhilaNippon 2011 & Hello Kitty

During a recent trip to Japan Tokyo, I dropped by the Shinjuku Post Office or a visit. Of course, there is a philately corner with plenty of interesting stamps that attracted my attention (and some of my Japanese yen as well).

I bought a few sets of Japanese stamps, including a set about the Year of the Rabbit, a Hello Kitty Four Seasons set, and a PhilaNippon 2011 set. For the Japanese, there are a number of significant anime / manga characters such that these characters are featured in the stamps. Hello Kitty, Pokemon, Doraemon and Astro Boy. It is also amazing that the Hello Kitty craze seems to be never ending for the Japanese, judging from the nicely designed Hello Kitty set.

Before the visit, I didn't know that the Japanese are organsing the PhilaNippon 2011 this year. Well, I guess we will see more of these interesting sets when they are released for this major event.

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