Thursday, September 3, 2009

What Happens When You Post a Letter Without Stating Address

I was tidying some stamps pile and envelopes, and came across this envelope that I kept from some time ago. This is a pretty interesting envelope, and gives a good indication of what will happen when you post a letter in Singapore without stating any address.

I am guessing that the cancellation machine will still cancel the stamp, and the envelope will get stuck when the machines try to sort out where to post the letter.

Luckily in this case the envelope has the address of the sender (in this case it's the SPM!), and the letter was sent back, with a mark that says 'Return to Sender Received without address.'


Wei Jie said...

Wow! That is interesting! Let me try it some time soon!

Sgstamps said...

heh sure but remember to leave a sender address! :)

wj said...

Yup definitely! haha

Anonymous said...

I had a similar cover. However it was stamped something like 'Write the address of the receiver and post it back'.

Sgstamps said...

oh? Wow that is interesting, they actually made a stamp for that purpose! :)

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