Saturday, August 1, 2009

Post on Wheels @ Changi Airport

I was at the Changi Airport T3 departure when I saw this nice red eye-catching buggy / van like postal service. Imagine having a postal van in the airport itself!

So yes I snapped a few photos of it. Seems like the postal buggy / van will roam Terminal 1 & 3 of Changi Airport at different timings. Wonder if they have any special cancellations for the stamps purchase at the venue. :)

The funny thing about this whole postal setup is that there is actually a mascot for it. The mascot is a postbox modelled after the old style circular / tubular type, with a name of 'PoWee' I think. I am guessing that PoWee stands for Post on Wheels.


tantsbsac said...

Actually yes, this post office on buggy has a special pictorial cancellation, with the Changi Airport Control Tower on it, only on request.

Sgstamps said...

Ouch... then I should have bought some miniature sheets and ask for a cancellation.

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