Sunday, February 8, 2009

'UOB' Cancellation on 1962 25cents definitive

Among the different stamps, I found this 1962 25 cents fish definitive with a cancellation of 'UOB Singapore' on it. Curiously I wonder what is this cancellation for. I understand some stamps have perforations within the bodies of the stamps, i.e. perfins with small holes in the stamps, because in the older days, stamps were a high value commodity and companies add perforations to prevent theft.

However, this 'UOB Singapore' cancellation on a 1962 definitive surely cannot be a perfins? UOB as a bank existed since the 1930s, while Singapore as a soverign country existed from August 1965. Moreover, the bank adopted the 'UOB' as its name only in 1965 (See article). So the 'UOB Singapore' cancellation on a 1962 may not make much sense, perhaps it is a 'cancellation' for other purposes? Anyone with any clue let me know ok?


KH said...

Hi, nice to know fellow collectors in Singapore. The UOB stamp is probably used when the 25c stamp was used for revenue purposes e.g. on a receipt or something like that.

KH said...

Hi the UOB stamp applied is probably due to the 25c stamp being used for revenue purpose.

Stamps & such said...

Thanks for the info! Yes I think that is a likely possibility. Guess postage stamps were also often used as revenue stamps back then.

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