Friday, May 23, 2008

SingPost Magnet Stamps - 8th March 2000

Wonder if anyone still remembers the series of fridge magnets with SingPost stamps as the pictures? Here's a picture of one of them.

The series is the 8th March 2000 "Postal Landmarks" comprising of 4 stamps: NVI, $0.60, $1 and $2. There are also Miniature Sheet and Presentation Pack.

Personally I think it is a smart idea that SingPost released the fridge magnets. Thus whenever anyone passes by the fridge, they will see the SingPost stamps and remembers SingPost. Good prolong advertising strategy!

Monday, May 12, 2008

First Beaded Stamp in the World

In April 08, SingPost launched the first beaded stamp in the world to commemorate the opening of the Singapore Peranakan Museum. The beads are 'caviar beads' which are hand / manually pasted onto the stamps. Here's a picture of the 'collector's sheet' which is in the shape of a pouch with a $5 stamp.

Overall it is quite a unique set. There are two different designs for the four denominations (i.e. total 8 different stamps) - 26 cents, 32 cents, 65 cents and S$1.10. SingPost has also received an award from the Heritage Board at the same time when this set of stamps was publicly released.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Singapore Stamps & Philately Related Clubs / Societies

I've always wonder why the Singapore stamps & Philately related clubs / societies do not have a web presence. I did a simple search and all I get is some real physical addresses of these clubs. Guess it is a basic philosophy of real world letter / stamp based communities not touching the electronic communications tools?

Nonetheless here's the list of the clubs / societies that I could find. If you know of other such societies in Singapore, just let me know and I can add to the list. This list is also somewhat weird in the sense that many of the addresses do not appear permanent. If you have their web addresses that would be even more ideal!
  • Association Of Singapore Philatelic - Jurong Point Post Office, P.O.Box 492. Singapore 916417. DID : 65-6261-2421 & Fax : 65-6266-2750.

  • Kreta Ayer Stamp Society - Blk 4 #03-115 Sago Lane, Singapore 050004.

  • Singapore Stamp - c/o Singapore Philatelic Museum (SPM), 23-B Coleman Street Singapore 179807. DID: 6337 3888.

  • Singapore Philatelic Society - SPM (see above)

  • Zui Yui Stamp Club - c/o 14 Moonstone Lane, Singapore 328456

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