Sunday, April 20, 2008

Singapore World Stamp Exhibition 1995

Other than the World Stamp Championship 2004, Singapore had also hosted the World Stamp Exhibition 1995. It was a grand event, with the then President of Singapore (Mr Ong Teng Cheong) as the Patron, and supported by Federation of International Philately and Federation of Inter-Asian Philately. International judges (aka jury) were invited, and many outstanding exhibitions (over 3,300 frames) were displayed. Exhibitions included the recorded 'by accident' use of Penny Black prior to 6 May 1840 (David Feldman) and also 'Straits Settlements" Judicial and Revenue stamps (Koh Seow Chuan).

The event was held in Suntec City from 1 to 10 Sep 1995. Other than the exhibitions, there were other interesting events for the visitors, like "Traditional Trade" demonstrations showing works of Chinese Calligrapher, Indian garland maker, and Malay Batik painter. Another interesting event was the stamp perforating demonstrations that were performed hourly. Of course, we had the usual seminars on postal history, youth philately...etc. It was a free event, and well attended by many visitors.

The stamp theme for the event was Orchids and there was a different cancellation for each day of the event. Would cover more of the Orchids theme and other event news later.

Here's the list of the datestamp cancellations, and slogan die cancellations:
  • 1 Sep 05 - Singapore '95 Day
  • 2 Sep 95 - Thematic Philately Day
  • 3 Sep 05 - Stamp Collecting Day
  • 4 Sep 05 - Singapore Post Day
  • 5 Sep 05 - Philatelic Museum Day
  • 6 Sep 05 - Olympic Day - Youth
  • 7 Sep 05 - Letter Writing Day
  • 8 Sep 05 - Awards Day
  • 9 Sep 05 - F.I.A.P. Day
  • 10 Sep 05 - F.I.P. Day

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