Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Singapore '95 Orchids Theme

The theme selected for the World Stamp Exhibition '95 was Orchids. A series of 5 sets of the orchids stamp and miniature sheets was launched. The orchids and background for the sheets are as follow:
  • Vanda Miss Joaquim & Dendrobium - Singapore Botanic Gardens
  • Dendrobium Sharifah Fatimah & Phalaenopsis Shim Beauty - Singapore Skyline
  • Vanda Sumatrana & Phalaenopsis Ambabilis - architectural scene of 1920s
  • Paphiopedilum victoria-regina & Dendrobium smillieae - local fruits
  • Vanda Marlie Dolera & Vanda limbata - illustrated impression of Singapore Zoo

There is another variation of the 5th set with Sentosa attractions as the background. This variant has two more sub-variants, and the sub-variants have serial numbers since they are limited runs.

These stamps and minisature sheets were designed by Mr Chua Ban Har. I have one of the sets (should have another one, but it is somewhere lost in the albums).

Orchids stamps are nothing new to Singapore, since orchids is the national flower (Vanda Miss Joaquim to be exact). At the tourists attraction shops, we could find many of these flowers immortalised in resins. Since 1962, Singapore already has stamps featuring orchids (see below).

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