Friday, April 4, 2008

Postbox Public Art Competition 2007

This sounded a bit late, but nonetheless the event was an interesting postal related development in Singapore. There was a "Nation-wide Postbox Public Art Competition" held in 2007, organised by an online web and design group, FARM and jointly presented by the Urban Redevelopment Authority, Singapore Post, Singapore Totalisator Board and Singapore Turf Club. About 40 postboxes around the city area got a new layer of artistic paint, which added some local flavour according to the locations of the postboxes.

I was around Bugis area when I saw this group of people painting these postbox and thought it as a cool thing. Took the picture of the Bugis cat postbox. There used to be a big fat black cat at the Bugis Village, wonder if the artists were inspired by that particular cat. <I lost that picture of the Bugis postbox. Sigh sometimes blogspot just loses picture and I can never figure out why. Below is the new picture I've taken of the final product recently>

Subsequently I took pictures of other postboxes, and here's some of them. Two of the pics are pixelated because my phone camera doesn't work that well at night. Here's the one at Fortune Centre. The design sort of accurately portrayed the 'fortune' aspects, i.e. see the 3 green 'Fa' in the centre of the jackpot design?

This is the one at Millenia Walk, which sort of looks normal, i.e. nothing special about it.

The one at Shaw Tower (Beach Road) looks like a cereal box, heh, and has the recipe for a Great Nation.

The one at Tekka Market features bamboo (of course). Tekka means 'bamboo feet' in hokkien.

Now, in case you wonder how does the normal postbox looks like, here's a picture of it. There are also metallic postboxes around, but I don't have a picture of them.

Two winners emerged from the competition, one of them is a professional illustrator while the other is a primary 4 kid. You could look at their postbox design at the FARM website. Quite cool right? Wonder if there will be another Postbox Competition this year or 2009. Maybe they can extend the competition to other postboxes around the island.

Afternote: here's two more postboxes.

Penisular Plaza Postbox:

SMU Postbox:


JollyGreenP said...

Hi Cusp,
an interesting blog, although I am no longer a stamp collector I still find stamps interesting and I am always interested in stamps from Singapore from days there as a youngster 1957 - 1959. A few tips that you might find helpful, you might get better results alignment wise if you have access to a scanner instead of taking photographs of stamps. For your photos, if you have a Google account, why not upload them to Picasa, you can then link to the photos by cutting and pasting the links from Picasa into your blog as HTML. You can use the link in more than one blog and if you have a website other than your blog you can also use the same technique for the website. I have some Singapore stamps displayed on my own website ( follow the links to Singapore from the index page. As these were stamps that I collected whilst living in Singapore apart from the 10 cents stamp which was used for Forces Air Mail and was collected from a letter from my father to my mother before we joined him from England I am particularly fond of them.

Cusp said...

Hi Jolly :)

Thanks for the kind comments. Yupz if I have a scanner I would scan in the stamps. The pictures taken using camera is not as great definitely, partly due to the angle of the camera shot.

Have also visited your site. Glad to have you around during the early days of Singapore. Changi and Tengah have changed quite a fair bit since then (of course). The food at Changi village is still among the better kawker food around. especially the nasi lemak.

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