Sunday, April 6, 2008

Holographic Rat Issue 2008 from New Chinese Zodiac Series

This set of Chinese Zodiac Stamp series starting from 'Rat' was released by SingPost earlier this year on 18 Jan 2008. This set is special cos' the printing uses an unique printing technique on stamps – offset lithography with high reflective index transparent hologram with morphing effect. I got two pictures of the stamps, and you can see the holographic effect in the second one.
Since this is the beginning of a new set, that means all other 11 of the series will also be holographic!

Here's some of the other details I got from SingPost's press release:

First Day Cover (without stamps) S$0.25. Complete set of stamps (1st Local, 65¢, $1.10) S$2.01

Pre-cancelled First-Day Cover affixed with complete set of stamps S$2.75. Presentation Pack S$3.75

Collectors’ Sheet (comprising of $5 and $10 stamps) S$16.80

Technical Details
Date of Issue : 18 January 2008
Denominations : 1st Local, 65¢, S$1.10
Stamp Size : 40mm x 30mm (1st Local & 65¢), 35mm x 44.8mm ($1.10)
Collectors’ sheet : 105mm x 65mm ($5 & $10)
Perforation : 14 x 14 (1st Local & 65¢), 14.25 x 14.25 ($1.10)

Paper : Unwatermarked (will be interesting to see how stamps with holographic effects can have watermarks)
Printing Process: : Offset Lithography (Stamps), with High Reflective Index transparent hologram with morphing effect (Collectors’ Sheet)
Designer : Leo Teck Chong


Anonymous said...


Do u happen to have the latest 2011 rabbit collector sheet? The latest one doens't seem to have a morphing effect.

Sgstamps said...

Yupz, the 2011 Rabbit issue uses some hot foiled golden metallic stamping instead of the holographic version.

Guess they stopped the holographic effect and will use his hot foiled golden metallic stamping for the coming Dragon year as well.

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